Private Land Estates

A Modern Burial Park

Well-Maintained Private Resting Grounds for Your Family

Invest in a Quiet Final Resting Spot for You and Your Family

If you want to bury your deceased family member in a private estate, check out the family and individual plots available at Laureldale Cemetery & Rhoads Memorials. Call us at 610-921-2331 today for more information.
Grave site service

Our Perpetual Care Cemetery Services

Get a serene and picturesque resting place for your family that cannot be matched anywhere else.

If you're looking for a secular resting place, this is the place to be at. Our estate is an ideal choice for large family plots. You'll greatly benefit from our reliable perpetual care and pre-need cemetery services. We are set up as a non-profit business run by the association and a board of directors.
Call us at 
610-921-2331 for a FREE consultation on our private land estate services
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